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The bias-variance tradeoff: what it means for quantitative researchers

Most researchers are familiar with the difference between bias and precision. However, not everyone knows that we can allow for a little bit of bias in order to get big gains in precision, and when it can be beneficial to do so.  In this post I detail the why and how. A refresher on bias […]

Modelling Demographic Processes using Agent-Based Simulation

Agent-Based Simulation (ABS) is not yet a common-place term in demographic circles: a quick search of some of the major demographic journals yields not more than a handful of articles that use this or similar terms, and fewer still that have tackled research questions from this perspective. Despite this, it is a methodology which has […]

Is it possible to accurately measure migration?

This is a guest post by Edward Morgan (BSc FRGS). Edward is a master’s student studying Population and Development at the London School of Economics. Edward is a Geography graduate of the University of St Andrews and a former public health consultant to the Met Office. For more information, visit his webpage. Earlier this week, […]

A case for quantitative methods in demography

Recent years have seen an increased use of qualitative methods in demographic research, which corresponds to demographers having broadened their scope and this includes methods not traditionally associated with population studies. There is still a substantial debate over uses of quantitative and qualitative methods in demography, so here I would like to touch on some […]

Homage to the Lexis diagram

The Lexis diagram belongs in the demographer’s toolbox like a mechanic’s wrench. It is the essential tool for visualizing lifelines and events as they occur along the intersection of age, (time) period and (birth) cohort. This means it is of great use to scientists doing longitudinal, time-to-event and even time series analyses. As such, it […]

Originally posted on Demographics Revealed!:
by Carl Haub, senior demographer, Population Reference Bureau No demographic subject captures writers’ imaginations like a country’s birth rate, be it baby “booms” or “busts,” or record highs or lows. But what measure should you use when you’re writing about the birth rate? Yes, there’s more than one—there are three:…