Guidelines for authors

Your contribution to Demotrends.

Demotrends aims at the diffusion of research on topics related to demography in a broad sense and to feed the demographic debate.

We welcome contributions in population studies and related fields and encourage authors to send their submissions to Demotrends. Your contribution can either be the summary of an article you have submitted, a thesis, or can more generally address a topic that finds little space in scientific reviews but that is relevant to the demographic debate.

Which content?

We promote research topics to be of a demographic nature in a broad sense, allowing for wide and multidisciplinary themes such as:

Ageing, Anthropology, Biodemography, Data, Ethnicity, Family, Fertility, Geography, Gender, Genetics, Health, Historical Demography, Inequality, Methods, Mortality, Migration, Policy, Religion, Sexuality

If you are unsure whether your submission may fit our scope, just contact us!

What format?

To facilitate the revision process, we strongly suggest contributions to be submitted in a Microsoft Word format. Contributions are usually between 500 and 1500 words long and can include tables, charts, maps or relevant photographs where possible, though this is not compulsory.

Write something about yourself.

Along with the contribution, we require a short introductory paragraph outlining the author and any relevant background information.

Why write for Demotrends?

By writing for Demotrends, you will reach readers from all over the globe! We spread news of any new publication via Twitter and other channels, and it is much easier for fellow demographers to have a quick read through a Demotrends post than an academic paper.

Where to send it.

You can send your contribution as an attachment to our email address:

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