Demography-related blogs

There has been a rise in the number of demography-related blogs during recent years. In addition to individual researchers’ blogs, such as Weeks Population, by Hein de Haas or by Pablo Mateos, there are several nice collaborations:

  • Demography Matters – is probably one of the first demography blogs that was started. They have a nice collection of links to population research institutes, other researchers, statistics offices, journals and conferences.
  • Urban Demographics – a blog with a focus on urban issues as the name suggests, but they often share general demography related information bits, maps, videos and assorted links, for example.
  • ICPD Beyond 2014 (in Spanish) – Latin American and Carribean demographics 20 years after the Cairo Conference.
  • – a blog started recently by the University of Oxford’s Department of Social Policy and Intervention, and Department of Sociology.
  • Research Matters – a forum of the US Census Bureau that discusses research in government statistics.

This list is not exhaustive; therefore you are welcome to add more blogs to the list that you know of or follow by using the comments section!

Also, demotrends welcomes contributions – for any questions or for sending in your contributions please email us:


  1. Adding two blogs with an epidemiology focus: and .

  2. .idblog focuses on Australian demographic resources and population trends.

  3. thanks for sharing those links. I would also add to this list the blog

  4. Demographic perspectives on global, regional and local matters:;

    International Epidemiological Association blog:

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