African Health Statistics

MamaYe has announced the launch of an innovative data site which allows you to chart, map and compare key health indicators across all 54 African Union member states.

After months of carefully gathering data, deciding the indicators, testing the codes, designing how the numbers will be translated into graphs or maps, and consulting with governments across Africa, a new website – is finally here. The site is the brainchild of the African Union Commission’s Department of Social Affairs, and provides reliable data on the progress made by members towards their Maputo Plan of Action and Abuja Call commitments.

What you will see when you explore African Health Stats is an accessible, up-to-date and visually exciting website which details all the data for 33 indicators across four categories in Africa:

For the first ever time, data for indicators tracking progress of the Maputo and Abuja commitments are gathered together on one site for all 54 African Union member states, in French or English. These indicators are populated with internationally recognised and verified data to allow for easy comparison. Find out how the data are collected, and why these indicators matter, view alternative data sources and download graphs in numerous formats.

Importantly, African Health Stats is African-led – this is a tool for Africans to learn about what is happening in their country, to use this information to hold their government’s accountable for commitments made. The site also provides vital evidence for the African Union Commission to support and motivate governments and policy makers to take action on health challenges in the continent. It is powerful way of sharing experiences, best practices and lessons learnt.

It’s best to have a look at the website, but for those who can’t wait, two preview charts of the data are shown below. If you have any feedback, then please get in touch with the African Health Stats team.


[Re-posted, in edited format, with permission. For the original post please see here]

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